Facilities Manager

Posted: 05/19/2022

Job description

The Facilities Manager is responsible for oversight, planning, execution, monitoring, and coordinating of safe asset operations and property related maintenance issues in the church’s buildings and equipment. In conjunction with other custodial staff and/or contractors, the Facilities Manager is also responsible for ensuring the oversight of the maintenance safe and secure operations of all church facilities to be kept in a clean and presentable condition for church and community functions. This includes all asset operations, cleaning and sanitizing and minor maintenance and room setup for a variety of functions and events.

Duties and Responsibilities

· Inspect the kitchen, restrooms, sanctuary and meeting rooms to ensure equipment, fixtures, counters, cabinetry, and floors are in safe operating condition, clean and trash cans emptied.

· Monitor Church schedule to ensure all church areas are appropriately prepared for meetings, performances, and events.

· Oversee the following contract services items designated by the Trustees

o Restroom cleanliness and supply.

o Cleaning of the building, including glass doors and windows.

o Outside entrance areas.

o Flooring, including carpet and all high traffic areas.

o Trash and recyclable material removal. Maintain restrooms, making sure toilets and urinals are clean and flushed, sinks and counters are wiped clean; the floor swept and cleaned. Check all paper products and ensure they are replenished if needed. Give last minute attention to restroom maintenance before Sunday Worship services and other special well-attended events.

· Ensure that the facility is clean for funerals, weddings, and other special church events in cooperation with the contracted janitorial company.

· Maintain sufficient inventory of cleaning supplies and paper products

· Perform simple maintenance not requiring strenuous activity, specialized equipment, or access to the HVAC, electrical or mechanical housings.

· Report misuse of equipment or facility to the Trustees, Office Manager, or Pastors =.

· Oversee the security system and related equipment for satisfactory operations. Report needed repairs, parts replacement, or equipment malfunctions to the Trustees and Pastoral Staff.

· Coordinates with the Trustees and Security Committee on safety and security issues of concern or need to the Trustees and Lead or Associate Pastor immediately.

· Coordinates Perform other projects, tasks and responsibilities assigned by the Trustees, Office Manager, Clergy, and Staff Parish Relations Committee.


· Previous experience, knowledge and desire to achieve job responsibilities.

· Sufficient health to perform the required duties and responsibilities.

· Ability to function independently and without direct supervision.

· Ability to implement the required core competencies

· Valid NC Driver’s license for occasional trips to pick up supplies.

· Ability to read, comprehend and implement directions to achieve desired outcomes.

The work environment is in an office setting. Work is performed both inside and outside the building.

Operation of standard office equipment is required.

This position is an Exempt, Part-time position.

The schedule is 25-30 hours per week.

Job Type: Part-time

Pay: $20,000.00 - $25,000.00 per year